August Alsina reveals photos of him in blood and accuses Tory Lanez of having attacked him

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The weeks pass and the troubles accumulate for Tory Lanez. Awaiting trial in the case against Megan Thee Stallion, the Canadian artist is now accused of assaulting August Alsina.

“  He seemed under the influence of coke when he hit me ”

Followed by more than 6.8 million people on Instagram, August Alsina posted a photo of him bleeding in an elevator on Sunday evening . In the caption, we can read, in words transcribed by Generations :

“ As I was walking out of the building after the show last night an imp ran over me with 8 security n-ggas who I all waved at as they pressured me. I never have security and Tory took the opportunity to take me to task. I told him that I was a fan of his and that I didn’t understand why he took me to task by speaking publicly about my business because I don’t know him and I had never met him until see you last night. I didn’t understand why he talked to me like that, I assumed he didn’t like me. No disrespectful words were exchanged but he looked like he was on coke when he hit me. He then ran to hide in the building. There was no fight, but an assault . »


Tory Lanez reacted quickly, denying this accusation of assault, before Alsina published several other photos of his bruised body . We should know more about this case in the coming days.

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