Aya Nakamura is the French female artist with the most views on YouTube in 2021.

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Aya Nakamura maintains her place as the most listened to female artist in the world. After being named the French artist of the year at the Apple Music Awards a few weeks ago, the Franco-Malian artist has just reconfirmed her place. The author of “Jolie nana” is for the 4th consecutive year, the French female artist with the most views on Youtube.

Aya Nakamura shows the power of her music

For several years, Aya Nakamura has only been a hit with her different projects and songs. Having become the most listened to French-speaking artist in the world this year, the Franco-Malian continues to seduce the planet with her music. As a reminder, a few months ago, the artist’s counter fluctuated between 13 and 20 million monthly listeners on the Spotify streaming platform. In a recent interview with Vogue, the author of “Djadja” and “Jolie nana” does not believe in his remarkable success. ” It’s amazing to realize this. Wow, am I making all these people dance who don’t even know me? It is simply impressive. And that’s fun of course! It is the power of music that can convey so many emotions. And that’s magic,  ”she said.

During this same interview, the 26-year-old Franco-Malian spoke about what makes her music so special, which is nothing other than the diversity of culture found in these pieces. “  My music, this mixture of all the African sounds, the Caribbean…. The people I work with, the place I grew up. There are lots of different origins. I grew up with Arabs, Africans, French people. My music is that. This is what makes the power of this music,  ”confided the 26-year-old artist.

In the weekend of November 22, the French singer was named “Best French singer” at the Apple Music Awards 2021. A few hours ago, the Franco-Malian once again confirmed her place as the most listened to artist in the world . She is now the French female artist with the most views on YouTube for the fourth consecutive year with more than 900 million views.

Aya storming the world

It is no longer recalled that a few months ago, Aya Nakamura was the most listened to French artist on the Spotify streaming platform. Indeed, with her more than 13 million listeners per month, the French singer has ensured her success on Spotify. Note that the artist alone exceeded the number of cumulative listeners of Jul (3.3 million), Booba (2.3 million) and PNL (2 million).

Propelled to the forefront of the music scene with her hit “Djadja” in November 2018, Aya has undoubtedly become the most listened to French female artist in the world. As a reminder, on July 20, the Franco-Malian singer was ranked 288th artist in the world ranking, said “Le Mouv”. The artist has listeners in several cities or countries such as Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Santiago (Chile) and Mexico City (Mexico).

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