Baby Blue expresses his ral-bol to fans who accused him of snitching

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In an Instagram post, rapper Baby Blue responded to accusations he had snitched about his recent prison sentence. He brushed off his allegations with the back of his hands and pointed out that denouncement is just not in his blood.

Rapper responds to allegations against him

Baby Blue has not been kind at all to those who have accused him of snitching. ” The  n *** aces  want me to be a snitch because they’ve got spies in their blood!”  Baby Blue wrote on her Instagram page. “ I’m different here! There are no rats in my family! I could never be a snitch! My ancestors wouldn’t like it! All the while, 2  n *** aces  in my case have become informants and tell all they can ! »Explained the rapper of the group Pretty Ricky .

Through his post last week, Blue accepts his current situation and intends to go on new bases. “ I can’t go back and change the beginning , but I can start where I am and change the end .  ” did he declare. “ There are things in life that we don’t want to happen, but that we have to accept; life lessons that we don’t want to know, but have to learn. We must remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst time and from the worst mistakes. Sometimes the bad things that happen to us end up setting us in the path of the best things that will never happen to us . Baby added.

As a reminder, earlier this month,  Blue  agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced to 20 months of prison life . He was convicted of defrauding the government of $ 1 million through the Paycheck Protection Program. He then used the funds for personal expenses.


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