Back to back: Jeezy talks about Jay-Z’s fighting skills

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In an interview for the TV series “Uncensored” Jeezy recently talked about his long friendship with Jay-Z. He also pulled out a few old stories that were not yet known. He and Hova are said to have fought back to back in a brawl in Las Vegas – almost like in an action film.

“Hov Can Fight”: Jeezy on brawling with Jay-Z

Jeezy recounts a time when he and Jay were on tour together. At one point, Jeezy’s entire crew was arrested and suddenly he was all alone. Jay-Z is said to have taken care of him then. However, there were not only encouraging conversations in his office. Jay-Z (now streaming on Apple Music) is said to have come to the rescue of Jeezy in a brawl in Las Vegas. And even when his team tried to get him out of the situation, he insisted on staying with Jeezy.

“A lot of people don’t know that, but we’ve had a couple of fights behind us. Something happened once in Vegas. And I have to say, Hov can fight because it went round. We were back to back. Then I hear his assistant.” Jay, get in the car ‘and he was like,’ I’m not leaving Jeezy behind ‘. From then on I was like this, I feel the guy. “

(“A lot of people don’t know, we done been in some fistfights and everything. Some things popped off in Vegas. I gotta say, Hov’s got hands, ’cause we was getting down. We was back to back. I hear his assistant say, ‘Jay, get in the car!’ and he was like ‘I ain’t leaving Jeezy!’ I was like, I rock with him. “)

Jeezy also suspects that he and Jay have such a good connection because they are both “old souls”. They would have grown up with the same struggle. If the two were to talk, it would never actually be about music. The only difference between them would be that Jay was older and thus paved the way for him.



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