Bankroll Freddie responds to criticism after saying he has never drunk water in 27 years

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Health is wealth, and the benefits of drinking water are so numerous in this regard. According to the Health Line, not only does water keep you hydrated, it helps maximize physical performance, promotes energy levels and brain function, and more. While many people drink water, rapper Bankroll Freddie has revealed he’s not been one of them before. Last Sunday, he said that after 27 years, he recently started drinking water.

A statement that ignites the web

The human body is roughly 70 percent water , but Arkansas-born rapper Bankroll Freddie didn’t realize the importance of drinking water until about a week ago. Health experts generally recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day , but the “Pop it” singer says he’s been on Gatorade, soda and juice his entire life.

After telling his fans that he used to “  hate” water and didn’t drink it until this year, the “Quality Control” singer faced backlash, which prompted him to explain his comments. “  I can’t believe it took me 27 years to start drinking water,” Freddie said on Instagram Stories. “I used to hate water, because I couldn’t drink it for nothing in this world… In fact, it makes me feel better Fr. “

When his post started to go viral he explained, “  Bruh, I never drank water like this, I hate it. All I drink is Gatorades, juices and soft drinks, I don’t like water, it has no taste. But I eat all of my fruits and veg, so it’s okay.  He then shared a video, asking how his skin is so clear if he has never drunk water, and also admitting that he has never had a sexually transmitted disease.

Outraged by Bankroll Freddie’s comments, social media users express their dissatisfaction

Many online users express their disgust after the author of ‘Drop Like Dis’ revealed that he used to hate water and it took him 27 years to finally start drinking it. After the post was retweeted by some gossip accounts on Instagram , many assumed Freddie had lied about his claim .

“  Bro what… that doesn’t even make sense, ” argued one person, while another commented, “  The biggest [cap] I’ve ever heard ”. A third said: “It’s impossible that he hasn’t been drinking water for 30 years  Someone else then asked, ”  What the hell is that n *** a drinking?” How can he still be alive ? “.

Others, on the other hand, felt disgusted by Freddie’s revelation. ”  I know his pee so yellow ewwww “, opined one user. Another individual, meanwhile, wrote: ”  I know his piss stinks and this nut tastes pungent and horrible, my God Bankroll.” You should have kept this to yourself, baby. You are too good-looking for that. ” 

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