Beatrice Egli is single & not with Florian Silbereisen

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The DSDS winner is waiting to find the right man and confessed that she is not with her colleague Florian.


Credit: Franziska Krug / GettyImages

In search of Mr. Right
“Of course I always fall in love, even if I don’t share every love affair with the public. I just live the life. Everything else will be found. I love to discover the world to get to know people. I also met attractive men during my time in Spain. But pretty is just not enough for the rest of life, “saidBeatrice Eglito Westwing and Bunte:” I want to travel, gain experience, finally give concerts again! “

But the winner from Germany is looking for the superstar has not yet found the right man at her side. At least that is what the singer confessed to requests from BILD and stated that she would not have a partner by her side at Christmas.

“I am a confident, happy woman and do not make my personal happiness dependent on a man. The family and health are much more important. Of course I love love and life. If I still believed in the Christ Child, as my nieces and nephews do, I would wish to share all of this with someone I love, ”said Beatrice.

No relationship with Florian
The singer also added that Egli is actually single and thus put an end to all rumors of a possible relationship with Florian Silbereisen … Although she is said to have said in TV_-recordings in mid-November 2021: “It wasn’t for Florian and me Love at first sight. […] We love to laugh together. […]I would have loved to kiss Florian! “


Credit: Sebastian Reuter / GettyImages

In the end there was no kissing, instead Beatrice Egli is still looking for the man of her dreams. Compared to the BILD, the blonde said in conclusion: “I am a realist and know that there is no point in longing for great love. So I continue to enjoy my single life and am happy about everything that I can experience. “

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