Benny the Butcher puts fans in their place and reassures he is boss regarding his signing at Def Jam

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While it’s true that Westside Gunn reassured during Benny The Butcher’s contract signing with Def Jam that the Buffalo rapper will bring a ’98 sensation to the label, fans remain skeptical and have let it be known to Benny. The latter did not like this approach of the fans and put them in their place.

It was like a bombshell for the entire industry when Snoop Dogg had to reveal a scoop last October to prove that there is no longer any tension between the West Coast and the East Coast. The creative consultant and executive at Def Jam Records announced during his visit to the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience the signing of an artist as a sign of the end of tension. “  I’m on Def Jam Records right. I’m an Executive Creative Consultant, and just to let you know he doesn’t exist anymore I’m going to announce on your show that I just signed Benny The Butcher and he’s one of the toughest rappers in Buffalo, New. York,  ”said Snoop. “  So it shows that there are no more lines to cross. We do what we are supposed to do. The butcher arrives. »

Benny’s reaction

The announcement had surprised more than one and many did not really believe it. It took the rapper to share a video showing him sorting out the final details regarding the paperwork, before an avalanche of reaction was observed. Many fans of the rapper had entered the private message of the artist to certainly dissuade him from trusting Def Jam. Some have insisted that Def Jam could corrupt or even distort the music of the Buffalo Butcher. 

This tendency to worry about him is not likely to please Benny who has stepped up to express his annoyance to his fans who are a little too worried for him.

In a video on his Instagram story, with a tight expression and a very serious air, the rapper sent a very poignant message to those who play career advisers or managers.

He began by questioning them by recalling that he built himself. ”  You niggas that’s in my DMs, that’s in my comments saying ‘Yo, don’t let Def Jam do this’ or ‘Don’t let Def Jam do that’. What are you doing ? Benny asked. ”  What, you think a n * gga worked that hard and been self taught for so long to get somewhere and let somebody say to me, ‘You know what, you can’t do it like that anymore, you have to do it like this’?  “

Finally he invited his pseudo advisers to take care of their lives because he is sure to be the only master on board to decide his career. “You have to use your fucking brain before you start to think stuff like that.” I’m the boss. Do you understand what I’m saying? This is how I got here, making my own decisions and they get it, so stop saying bullshit [just to say it]. “

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