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The Game ‘s debut album “The Documentary” is considered an absolute classic by many rap fans. Not so for the curators of Rolling Stone Magazine. In their recently published list of the ” Top 200 Rap Albums of All Time “, Games’ debut work does not appear. A decision that the rapper cannot understand.

The Game responds to Rolling Stone list

Taking to Twitter, The Game complained that “The Documentary” didn’t make the magazine’s top 200 list. After all, he carried the west coast on his shoulders for almost 20 years. The 42-year-old also has an explanation for this alleged incorrect evaluation .

He believes that he is not considered because he does not walk any red carpets, dress up or unpack his fake laugh at brunches.


Game had already given similar reasons for not being as tall as Eminem , even though he was actually the better rapper. He does not play the games of the industry and is then punished for it.

The Game wants to be among the best rappers

It’s not the first time The Game has been bothered by not being included in a top list. Back in January, he expressed his dismay at not appearing in TI ‘s , Ebro Darden ‘s and Funkmaster Flex ‘s top 50 list of rappers . At the time, however, he explained that the disregard only made him feel more motivated.


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