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More than 6 years after Lemonade , Beyoncé announced last night that she will be releasing her new album titled Renaissance at the end of July.

This is news that millions of Beyoncé fans around the world have been waiting for for several years. Last night, the singer announced the imminent release of her 7th studio album, which is called Renaissance and will be released from July 29. It only took a few words ( “Act i – RENAISSANCE – 7.29” ) added to the descriptions of his Instagram and Twitter accounts to trigger the enthusiasm of the fans. It must be said that the latter have been patient for more than 6 years and Lemonade , a project which had nevertheless been followed by a reissue released in 2019 and by the work of Queen B on The Lion King: The Gift. For the time being, no information relating to the album has been revealed, except for its title and its release date.




Some indiscretions about Renaissance

If, as we wrote previously, few details are known, Apple Music seems to indicate that the project will be composed of 16 songs. According to various sources, this project would have been entirely written during the pandemic, at a time when Jay-Z ‘s wife was living very badly not being on stage. In this context, Beyoncé may want to spoil her fans, especially in England, where several surprise concerts at various events are already scheduled. Finally, for the most passionate fans, it is already possible to reserve a pack at 39 euros containing the album, a t-shirt and a photo album on the star’s website. The enormous machine that Beyoncé represents is therefore gradually being put in place, and it risks once again conquering the heights…

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