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Big Baby Tape’s real name is Yegor Rakitin. He was born on January 5, 2000. Big Baby Tape started rapping at an early age. Already at the age of six, he wrote texts in his notebook. He wrote his first poems in English. 

Egor’s favorite was 50 Cent. Also worth highlighting are The Notorious BIG and Gucci Mane. The latter is considered by Big Baby Tape to be his idol and dreams of recording a joint track with him. The rapper’s favorite game was GTA San Andreas. 

When he grew up a little, he started recording music in FruityLoops Studio. However, he did not succeed until his older sister introduced her boyfriend, who showed Yegor how to use the program. 

After high school, he went to college, which he then dropped out. Big Baby Tape originally created music under the nickname DJ Tape. At that time, Yegor was working on recording his debut album, which he never managed to record. 

Listen to the Top 20 Big Baby Tape Songs

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At the beginning of 2018, the track Big Baby Tape from the upcoming album Dragonborn Flip Phone Twerk is released. After that, the young rapper appeared on the Boulevard Depo album RAPP2. Then Yegor released the Hoodrich Tales mixtape. 

In the summer of 2018, Big Baby Tape flies to fit Pharaoh under the name “Fizz”. After that, the legendary Dragonborn comes out, where almost every track is a banger. The album broke the VKontakte record for listening. Big Baby Tape Gimme The Loot topped the rankings on the lyrics site Genius for a while. The song overtook Lady Gaga and Queen’s singles. 

On March 8, 2019, a half-hour video was released on the YouTube channel of the Benzo Gang creative association, in which Yegor told the story of the creation of the association and the relationship with each member of the group. The Benzo Gang fell apart due to the low productivity of its members. 
In the spring of 2019, Big Baby Tape released an EP, Arguments & Facts. After the release of the EP, talk began that Yegor was baiting the style of other rappers. In response, the rapper stated, “I broadcast everything that goes into my ears. Russian rap, American trap, different genres. That’s what Big Baby Tape music comes from. ” 

In addition to sampling tracks, Big Baby Tape also loves to refresh old hits. For example, we can cite Yegor’s song called Trap Luv. In 2019, he recorded a fit with a representative of the NLR Club Platinum called “7 days”. Then the rapper presented a joint work with the representative of the female Russian rap ALIZADE Gucci. 

2020 is hardly a productive year for Egor. Last year, only three new Big Baby Tape songs were released: Errday, Balance and Kari. You can tell about the latter in more detail. The track is dedicated to the end of the sale of curry sauce at the fast food chain McDonalds.  

In 2021, Yegor released a fit with Platinum called “Venom”. In October, Yegor and Kizaru leaked their joint album Bandana. The music of Big Baby Tape and Kizaru was liked by many fans of Russian rap, and the album itself showed very good results.  

Also in 2021, there was a conflict between Yegor and Boulevard Depo. First, the latter at his concert interrupted the track on Yegor’s verse. This happened after Big Baby Tape donated the merch to Morgenstern. After that, Boulevard Depo unsubscribed from the young rapper and it was all over. 

Then Yegor began to cooperate with Kizaru, whom Boulevard Depo dislikes. Most likely, Boulevard Depo cut the connection with his sidekick because he started collaborating with those he disliked. 

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