Big Sean and Hit-Boy comment on the difficulty of working with Kanye West

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Undoubtedly one of the best rappers of all time, Kanye West imposes a certain rigor to achieve perfection in his work. As a reminder, several rappers fight hard to have the opportunity to appear on his projects, but this does not happen without laborious efforts. In a recent interview with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game , Big Sean and Hit Boy spoke about the demands of working with Ye in the studio. The Detroit rapper notably presented Kanye West as someone excessively demanding and difficult to live with.

Ye, excessively perfectionist in the studio

 Present on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game set, Big Sean and Hit Boy addressed several topical subjects. The two rappers spoke out in particular on the difficulty of collaborating with Ye. Concretely, Sean believes that Kanye often makes life hard for those around him because of his hyper perfectionist side. “ It’s extremely difficult and sometimes annoying to work with Kanye in the studio, ” Sean admitted.

Sean went on to explain that Kanye always strives for a high standard of perfection on all of his projects. For this, the rapper from Chicago forces his collaborators to work on their verses several times before finally approving.

“Kanye will ask you to redo a verse more than 10 times, because he wants it to be perfect before it appears on his record. You can actually understand that, man, but it can be tiring or downright annoying sometimes, you know? The worst part is that sometimes he is able to make you type all this work and ultimately not going to use your verse. This was the case with Soulja Boy on Ye’s recent ” Donda ” project ,  Sean continued.

For his part, Hit Boy added: “Kanye can make you play the drums 10 times, yet he will never be satisfied. He takes his albums very seriously so he is very demanding with his collaborators. This is probably the key to its success, ” he concludes.

Sean validated by Ye and Hov on the track “Clique”

Subsequently, Sean took the example of the song ” Clique ” to give an overview of the level of requirement of Kanye West . According to him, when designing the song, Ye was forcing his collaborators to do hard work. His ultimate goal was to have the best possible end product. According to the Detroit rapper, it was initially a broken down track that should consist of eight verses. However, the plans totally changed once Jay-Z got on the project.

“On ‘Click,’ I did my verse on the fly, but there were eight other verses from other rappers waiting, besides Jay-z’s. After that Ye and Hov met and they cut everyone off, but they said to each other, and if we kept Sean, he got too strong with his hooks. The kid deserves to be with us on the track. So that’s how I ended up on the track and I felt very honored. Man, when you’re validated by Ye and Hov while other good rappers have been kicked out, that’s something to be proud of, ” Sean said.

Big Sean was not responding to Ye’s statement  

Sean’s interview was published after Kanye West’s controversial appearance on Drink Champs. As a reminder, Ye said he deserved death just for signing Big Sean to his label. Therefore, the Detroit rapper later explained that he was caught off guard by such a claim coming from his ex-mentor.

Separately, Big Sean took to Twitter to clear things up. The rapper recalled that his interview had been taped since last month, long before Ye’s.  “A lot of people see my interview with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game as a response to Ye’s statement on Drink Champs, but that’s not the case at all. My interview has been filmed for several weeks, long before Kanye did his, ” he tweeted.

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