Big Sean: fan reaction to his concert at the Lions game

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On November 25, the game between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears was held . Singer Big Sean was the guest artist to liven up the event with his music. However, he was faced with a passive and weary crowd who barely reacted to his performance.

A crowd disappointed by the performance of its players

The bad mood and disappointment were obvious, even the viewers installed behind their screens at home could perceive it. In reality, the crowd was not very enthusiastic and for good reason, the Detroit Lions once again looked bad . They did not resist against the Chicago Bears who beat them by the score of 16 to 14. However, it must be admitted that the players gave themselves for this confrontation, since the score gap is not huge.

What distresses fans even more is that Les Lions now have a 0-10-1 record , which is alarming. Bad performances follow one after another and fans are fed up with supporting without getting satisfactory results. Unfortunately, Big Sean who had nothing to do with it in the story also suffered the effects.

Big Sean: great energy deployed without success

During the Detroit Lions game, Big Sean who is no longer signed to Ye’s label put great energy into motivating and entertaining his fans at halftime. His performance was excellent, because he knew how to occupy the whole stage and he even walked around the whole stadium.

However, all of his efforts failed to attract fans who seemed uninterested in his performance . We can see in one of the recordings that the rapper was performing on seats located very close to a few supporters without the latter reacting favorably. In other words, the situation was very serious.

Memes ignite networks

Since the existence of social networks, we have noticed that no such event can occur without it being reported, especially on Twitter. In this case, Detroit Lions fans have spoken on this channel noting that Sean has gone all out to execute his halftime performance. The big flop observed is rather due to the non-responsiveness of the supporters who did not even try to give him a chance.

In addition, this event gave rise to a ton of memes of all kinds . One depicted fans with a plastic glass in their hands and a jaded expression on their faces. Another flaunted Kanye West with whom Sean has an unfriendly relationship , Ye showing a smirk. A still more funny meme posted cartoons while nth intervene was Jay-Z . All of this could have ended in a funny mood, if it hadn’t been for the deep disappointment of the Lions fans who have probably lost their zest for life lately. We hope that will change in the next matches.

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