Big Sean opens up about how Kanye West and Jay-Z made him fire one of his friends

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Big Sean was in the Drink Champs. The interview broadcast yesterday Thursday, December 16 revolved around Sean and Kanye West.

Big Sean’s stint on Drink Champs with NORE and DJ EFN devoted a long time to the relationship between Big Sean and Kanye West. Whether it’s their conflicted relationship or their collaboration, the Detroit rapper has been talking about it all. While waiting for the preview on Youtube on Saturday, December 18 of this part of the interview, the exchange was relayed this Thursday, December 16 and here is the essential to remember.

Kanye West, a rigorous rapper from the ground up

Kanye’s recent news indicates he is working on The Funeral Rehearsal of Kanye West is planning another project called “Kanye West’s Funeral Rehearsal Kanye West, a secret project that would have or remain such if he himself had not paid attention to it with the cultural magazine 032c. Thus, the rapper often keeps his entourage in strict compliance with his recommendations and work rules. If we recently heard about the dress code he imposes in the studio as part of the production of Donda, it seems that the rapper is a strict one who was always attached to principles. Thanks to the interview with Big Sean, we learned, for example, that during the studio sessions for the production of his 2010 opus My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in Hawaii, the entrepreneur marked his territory by installing signs stating “No tweet”. “No Pictures” and “No Hipster Hats”. 

These are simple rules, but failure to comply with them has unfortunate consequences. And Kanye really needed that rigor to set up his successful Yeezy empire.

The mistake that should not be made

Big Sean shared what happens when you break the rules of the founder of GOOD Music. A friend of his had the unfortunate experience of this when he smuggled a photo of Big Sean, Ye, Jay-Z and Queen Bey’s studio session. His biggest mistake was posting the photo on social media.

Big Sean justifies the presence of this friend to begin with. “  We’re working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy In Hawaii there,  ” Big Sean began by saying. ”  I’m over there playing my part, but I brought my man with me in case I needed anything, he was going to help me hold back… It’s good to have a support system, to have one of your buddies there when you try to contribute.  ” 

Then comes the moment when the devil tempts the friend who is too visibly moved and not concentrated enough to read the rules. “So anyway, I’m in a studio – it was me, Ye and Hov. Even then, I wasn’t trying to get thirsty or sneak a fucking picture. I’m here just to figure it out mentally. He ends up taking a picture of all of us in the studio. Didn’t tell me. He ends up twittering and he’s picked up on AllHipHop and things like that.  “

The anger of Ye and his colleagues

When the case went viral, Kanye and Jay-Z turned to Big Sean before he named his friend at fault. For the latter, the sanction came down to his expulsion at the request of Hov and Ye. Penalty that Sean was forced to apply. He also recounted his interrogation as well. ”  I don’t know who saw it, but it caught Ye or Hov’s attention and they thought it was me!” Sean added, ”  It didn’t make sense because I wasn’t even really in the game at the time and it was like, ‘Kanye, JAY-Z, B eyoncé, Big Sean.’ People were like, ‘Who the hell is Big Sean ?!’ It looked like I had planted this shit  ”

As for the rest of the story, the rapper did not hesitate to make it known. He went on to say, “  When we talked about it, I told them, ‘I don’t even know what you are talking about. I explained to [Kanye] who it was and he said, ‘You have to fire him. We’ve all done this, we’ve hired the people we love. But people were mad at you for thinking you were thirsty. And he was your man  ”. The law of the strongest being the best in this case, Big Sean got in a bad position and said about it, “ So I said [to my friend], ‘I’m in a position where this is is Ye and Hov saying you have to go. I’m sorry brother, we’ve got to find something else. “

A misfortune for a good

After this anger which led to the expulsion of Big Sean’s friend , the rapper from Detroit was able to hang a verse on the project in its deluxe version on “See Me Now”. As for his friend, Big Sean didn’t have too much to worry about. He explained that the friend did well in the end. “  But it ended up being a blessing in disguise,  ” he said. “  He ended up transforming his life and was probably a lot more successful than he would have been in the position he was in. He ended up being a teacher and ended up impacting the lives of a lot of people and doing some amazing and wonderful things. 

Big Sean has a grudge against Kanye West

We come to the personal relationship between Big Sean and Kanye West. Big Sean was asked about Kanye West saying that signing Big Sean to GOOD Music was “the worst thing he’s ever done.” “. Faced with derogatory remarks from Kanye West, Big Sean responded forcefully and also with the same baseness. “ I love Kanye, my brother. I love him for the opportunity he gave me and all that stuff, ”he said. “But I thought what he was saying was bullshit.  “Sean did not fail to spit his anger and he took the opportunity to launch remarks that will surely react Kanye West:” Holy shit. What the fuck he’s talking about! ” 

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