Big Sean Says ‘Black Women Are Closest To God’ And Gets Clown By Twitter

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Santa Monica rapper Big Sean has faced negative reviews on Twitter since his interview on the Twenties series. In fact, during his interview, he let out a remark about black women that alerted Internet users.

Big Sean says he has a lot in common with Tristan, the character he plays in Twenties

Big Sean faces criticism following his comment about black women in a recent interview. The 33-year-old spoke to ESSENCE to discuss the BET comedy / drama series he stars in.

Sean explained in his interview how he had a lot in common with the character (Tristan) he plays in the Twenties series .

“ I can understand its essence because there are times when I’m not on social media. There are times when I’m on social media. There are times when I put my phone down and leave it somewhere so that I can understand that I want to disconnect from the network and reconnect, ”explained the rapper.

Sean as a performer can understand the creative and natural side of Tristan in the role: “  I don’t agree with everything he does or how he acts or how he says [things], but I can. see where it comes from,  ”he added in his explanation.

Social media users quickly looked at the rapper’s dating history and raised eyebrows.

In the rest of the interview, hitmaker “Mercy” spoke about ghosts and admits being a ghost has happened to him before. In addition, he discusses what it is like to work in a female-led environment on the set of Twenties  : “  Women are magic. Black women are the are the beings are closer s of God  . “

“  You all create life. It’s funny how this doctor explained that to me. It’s like we’re all coming out of a black hole just like the universe was born and it’s really deep when you think about it, ”he continued.

In contrast, after the footage was posted, many Twitter followers took issue with what Big Sean said. Some also spoke of these antecedents of meetings which led them to question these remarks.

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