Biggie hologram exposed, internet doesn’t validate: ‘Let him rest in peace’

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After Tupac a few years ago, it’s the Biggie legend’s turn to be the subject of a hologram. And in the opinion of the lucky few who had the opportunity to be confronted with this reproduction of the fire-rapper, the rendering is far too realistic not to become disturbing.

Biggie: The hologram trend is not validated

Unveiled in the Brooklyn Chop House restaurant a few days ago, Biggie ‘s hologram is causing trouble . Versace glasses screwed on the nose, impeccable Sergio Tacchini tracksuit, Jordan on the feet, this reproduction of the late The Notorious BIG, who died a little over 25 years ago, has apparently haunted the curious who have had the opportunity to discover it.

Fruit of the work of the company Proto Inc., in which Diddy acts as an adviser, the hologram in question served to pay tribute to the rapper killed in 1997, and who would have celebrated his 50th birthday this year. But now, as mentioned a few lines above, the feeling of realism would have been too much, and on social networks, Biggie fans are complaining: “This hologram of Biggie is creepy” , “This hologram of Biggie is weird, let this man rest in peace” , or even “This hologram of Biggie is really soooo realistic. »


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