Bizzy Crook releases second album La Pharmacia

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Bizzy Crook ends three years without releasing great musical achievements. He resurfaced in a more lasting way with his second album entitled La Pharmacia.

Rapper Bizzy Crook tries to establish himself in the rap game but struggles to string together performances as at his beginnings consistently. This is understandable given that he has been working as an independent artist since his suicide attempt.

Since his first album Before I Jump released in 2018, the rapper has been trying to exist. This album which he described as “a suicide letter” for himself, which he shared with the world now has a sequel with the publication this Friday, December 10, 2021 of a series of songs which constitute his second album.

The Pharmacia for a definitive cure

The rapper has known a lot of depression problems and seems to have found in this second album, the second breath of life to take off. His new album is the witness he offers us to assess his progress over the past two years. It also highlights its entrepreneurial will. Indeed, evolving as an independent, he works in close collaboration with his team which he calls Good Luck. He’s looking to expand this team that encompasses everything from production to merchandising, photography and more.

The new album is made up of 10 tracks including Crook’s new singles, “Played Out”, with 42 Dugg, and “Cartier Jaguar”. Among the other titles, we have on the Tracklist, Underworld Glory as track number 1, La Pharmacia at number 4, Big Homie at number 5, No Titles at number 6, Sorry Not Sorry at number 7 with Stars Out as number. Trophies is number 9 while We’re Closed comes to complete the project.

The main vision behind La Pharmacia

With this new project, the man from Miami wanted to help his fans to move forward even further in life. The album cover is a good illustration of his desire to let everyone who will listen to the record know that something great is possible. On the cover, we see a dark environment in a street corner where the only light which illuminates the environment weakly comes from an open pharmacy and which bears the same name as the album. Basically, the solution and the light are in this album.

 Also the story of  La Pharmacia  is that of a triumph over adversity. This album aims to inspire generational wealth as Bizzy Crook does in his listeners, inviting them to take bigger and better steps in life. “  This album is about longevity,  ” said Bizzy Cook. “  This album is about thinking bigger and working smarter. Why play ball for 3 summers when you can create generational wealth? Why do you want to be Pablo Escobar and not CVS  ”, ended by saying the rapper who wishes to benefit from financial security for years and generations to come.

As a reminder, the rapper with his many mixtapes had the chance to collaborate in his debut with icons like Jim Jones and Vado. He had the chance to perform on stage in his debut with Wale, Beyonce, The Weeknd, J. Cole on various events. In terms of accolades, he was nominated for the 2015 XXL Magazine Freshmen category, as well as the 2015 Billboard Magazine “Artist on the Verge” category.

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