Blac Chyna accuses judge of hostility and impartiality in Kardashian’s case

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Blac Chyna challenges Judge Alarcon and his verdict. Meanwhile, the Kardashians ‘ attorney fired back on his side.

Blac Chyna very determined

PEOPLE magazine reports that Tokyo Toni told them they would have evidence to challenge the verdict. The move follows Chyna ‘s defamation lawsuit against the Kardashian and Jenner family . She was demanding $100 million because she feels they stopped her from making money off her reality show, Rob & Chyna .

During the trial, the Kardashians allegedly said on the stand that Chyna was violent and out of control. The judge therefore ruled against the complainant. By the way, PEOPLE reports that she filed a peremptory challenge against Judge Gregory W. Alarcon who presided over the case. Blac Chyna accuses the judge of hostile attitude and impartiality on two trial dates. For her, the judge’s bias influenced the jury which returned key verdicts in her favor and the outcome of the case.

The Kardashians ‘ attorney responded with an objection to Chyna ‘s challenge . He estimates that the complainant and her lawyer had 10 days to react, but nothing happened. He demands the rejection of the requested disqualification.

Separately, Blac Chyna is being investigated after a complaint from a woman who said she attacked him at a Los Angeles bar .

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