Bobby Shmurda celebrates his first Christmas party at home after 7 years in prison

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27-year-old rapper Bobby Shmurda has been on parole since February. He spent Christmas with his family and takes the opportunity to deal with some of his demons like drug addiction and sex addiction. 

Shmurda advised his supporters not to take the vacation for granted

Bobby Shmurda expresses his gratitude for finally being home for the holidays. The rapper has spent many years behind bars but is currently on parole. Many observers thought he was going to surf on this buzz in order to release an album in stride.

However, things did not turn out that way because 10 months later there was only a pinch of single. This year, Bobby spent Christmas with his loved ones. “  This is my first Christmas party at home in [seven] years. Don’t take this vacation for granted. Hit the people you love! And answer their calls in prison,  ”the 27-year-old told supporters on Christmas Day .

In an article, he spoke of the holiday and motivates his fans with thoughts of prayers: ”  Prayers to all who have a family to spend their Christmas with and prayers to all who have lost people and they feel it in this moment !!! “. He added “  Keep pushing !!! God is going to help you get through it all. Just have faith.  “

After all this time spent in prison, Shmurda knows how difficult the life of an inmate is. He regularly encourages his fans to answer any calls from prison that they may receive from incarcerated people. ”  Answer their calls from prison… You don’t know how much something so small can help a mental n * gga while he is bidding.”  “

Bobby Shmurda opens up about his sex addiction

The “Hot N * gga  ” singer used her platform to talk about many important issues after her release in February. He mentioned his struggles with sex addiction  : “  When I got home I wasn’t going to lie… I just quit about a month ago, I had real drug addiction issues,  ” he said. he revealed in a recent interview.

‘  I was wylin’. I had threesomes, foursomes, fives. I had to relax, like last month, I just quit. I had to reduce. You can’t play with people’s feelings like that. Real shit, every time you feel like you get mad or something … Look, [sex is] better than drugs, you know! Better than drugs and shoot people on the street!  “

“  I changed my phone. You’re struggling to control yourself, and tell yourself every day: Yo, but what am I doing? I am a Leo, I am a passionate person.  Hopefully Shmurda puts as much energy and vigor into his music as he does into his kicking games.

In addition, Bobby Shmurda created a buzz on social networks after the release of his clip Shmoney . Many Internet users have had fun repeating several of his dance movements on TikTo k. These various posts exceeded the million-view mark and aroused multiple reactions.

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