Bobby Shmurda has started writing his autobiography

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After seven years in prison, American rapper Bobby Shmurda made an impressive comeback in music this year. Beyond music, he made many revelations about his life. Among these, the rapper recently announced on his Twitter account that he already has the first page written of his autobiography.

Bobby Shmurda wrote the first pages of his first book

If all goes as planned, in a few months the fans of the American rapper will be entitled to his first literary touch dedicated to his autobiography. Indeed, Bobby announced through a tweet released a few hours ago that he had started working on his autobiography. The rapper says he is very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​starting this literary work. “  I just started writing my autobiography and my front page is brighter than Yo Daddy’s Daddy his whole life,  ” he wrote.

Right now, many people are wondering what angle or story the autobiography will aim to tell. It would be obvious that she would approach Bobby’s education in New York, his rise to fame with hits like ”  Hot  N *** a  ” and ”  Bobby  B * tch “. The rapper is also said to speak about his subsequent arrest and imprisonment, not to mention his release and current activities.

After the little stories, Bobby aims for a big scale

It’s important to remember that Bobby recently recounted how his hit ‘Hot N *** a’ came about, as well as his subsequent arrest and imprisonment, not to mention his release and current activities.  He even confessed that he would need sex therapy . It should also be remembered that fans were also treated to cute photos of Bobby as a child earlier this year. No doubt it was all these detailed events in his life that prompted the rapper to take it to the next level with the writing of his autobiography .

In addition, Bobby’s autobiography does not yet have a title or date released, as it has not yet been completed. While waiting for this information, fans are very eager to discover the content of the work, as was the case with celebrities Will Smith, Rihanna and Raekwon in 2021.

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