Bobby Shmurda: his hit Hot N * gga was recorded in 1 hour and cost him 20 dollars

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Bobby Shmurda’s life will have definitely changed when Hot N * gga was released in 2014. Considered a classic by many, the title was recorded in record time.

A title that will have made Shmurda take off

Having climbed to 6th place on the Billboard Hot 100 at the time of its release, now certified 5 times platinum, enjoying a clip seen more than 777 million times on YouTube, Hot N * gga is still in the Right now THE classic in the discography it must be said restricted of Bobby Shmurda. However, the song in question will have cost him only 20 dollars to record , and will have been boxed in an hour.

Shmurda himself shared it on his social media: “Too many people have a DREAM that they have never chased away. They live their lives and are embittered that they never tried. Let me remind you that Hot N * gga cost me $ 20, for an hour in the studio in the neighborhood, and that FOCUS hour has changed my life and the lives of everyone around me forever. “

Knowing in addition to that that the instrumental of Hot N * gga was not originally intended to end up in Bobby’s hands. The beat had been designed for Meek Mill, it was finally Lloyd Banks who took it over in 2012, before producer Jahlil Beats distributed the instrument in question on one of his Crack Music instrumental mixtapes . Shmurda will take it, to create a classic.

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