Bobby Shmurda wants to do a strip club anthem with Adele

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Bobby Shmurda knows exactly what the world needs right now: a strip club anthem from him and star Adele. Will the latter accept this proposal or not?

A collaboration with Adèle, that’s all Bobby Shmurda wants

A sweet melody of ” Hello ” and ” Don’t remember ”, this is certainly not what one would dream of listening to inside a strip club. Yet, this is the kind of music to be expected with Adele.

Except that Bobby Shmurda doesn’t think the same. He wants to take Adele into his world, offering her something that, according to the American rapper, people are supposed to really want: a Bobby Shmurda x Adele collaboration .

“You know what the world needs… #BobbyShmurda & #Adele to do a strip club anthem,” he wrote in a tweet posted on the morning of Thursday, November 25.

It’s true that audiences have seen remixes of Adele’s classic records in a strip club before, but her latest album “30” probably wouldn’t work in such a medium. But that’s without counting on the determination of Bobby Shmurda.

Do you think the American music star will follow up on Bobby’s request? If so, how do you imagine the feat between these artists?  

Recall that Bobby Shmurda was released from prison this year and seems to be enjoying life since then. It is with the release of his latest singles ” Splash ”, ” No time for sleep ” and ” Cartier lens ” in recent weeks, that he made his comeback on the music scene. Do you think a collaboration between Adele and him is possible? 

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