Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia fight at Verzuz

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There were several shows during the Verzuz this Thursday evening. At Hollywood Palladium, the two clashing groups came to blows.

A surreal and undesirable scene unfolded on the stage of the last Verzuz. The successful livestream event took place this Thursday, December 2, 2021. At Hollywood Palladium, the battle several times postponed and canceled, between Bone Thugs-n-Harmony from Cleveland, Ohio and Three 6 Mafia from Young Dolph’s native Memphis turned into a drama. The stake took over the game to the point where the exchange of worms gave way to the punch.

The disruptive element

 Everything was going well with a massively present audience. The two groups clashed through the interpretation of their respective hits when dozens of people stormed the stage.

The bone of contention was raised by Bizzy Bone. He accused Three 6 Mafia affiliate Crunchy Black of making fun of him while he was performing. “Hey yo hey before you even start you don’t want to laugh at me while I’m on stage,  ” he says. ”  OK now, and Gangsta Boo…  “. Without waiting for a response, Bizzy Bone threw a bottle at Crunchy.

The Three 6 Mafia’s unmistakable reaction

Faced with this provocation, Crunchy and Juicy J go wild on Bizzy and we hear Juicy J scream ”  Suck my cock!”  “.

What was only a targeted attack flares up after Gangsta Boo mockingly says, “Bizzy Bone, you are an enemy!” You didn’t have to take your pills! What’s wrong with your nigga bitch ass!  “. The general scuffle forced the manager and longtime friend of Bone Thugs, Steve Lobel also got involved in the great mayhem that reigned supreme. Boo will continue despite everything to designate Bizzy Bone as sole responsible by insinuating that she had freaked out. ”  Bizzy Bone needs to take his meds!”  He chanted. It is paradoxical that the Three 6 Mafia were not the ones who caused this dream poster to degenerate. Juicy J had recently pointed the finger at excessive drug use as a destructive element of the Three 6 Mafia.

The calm after the storm

 After the heated and very violent debates, the spirits calmed down and everyone returned to better feelings. But for that, it took first the security guards to separate and send behind the scenes the main actors including Bizzy Bone. As she walked backstage, Bizzy regretfully got confused. We see her in a video captured by HipHopDX stating, “ I love Crunchy Black, I love them n-ggas. I don’t know what just happened, but on the world stage, I love you nigga  ”. 

In the same video, Crunchy Black who had received a replica bottle in fair play and said, “I love you too n-gga. All is love  ”.

Juicy J as leader 

The unsavory images of the clash have undermined the art of Hip Hop culture. Fortunately, peace has returned and many beautiful gestures have been exchanged. Indeed, back on stage, Bizzy Bone apologized for his actions. He also hugged Juicy J in his arms giving him daps just after he said: ”  I want to apologize to everyone. , damn, both sides. I’m not trying to screw this shit up. Excuse me. Let’s keep this fucking party going . “. His statement allowed the Verzuz to continue.

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