Booba: CDG’s NFTs are already sold-out!

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The captain of the Ratpis has just announced that the sales of the NFT around the release of his clip CDG were over. To boost sales, the Duke  had unveiled an unpublished extract of the title on his social networks.

Second success in NFT

Earlier in the year, B2O pulled off a nice blow by selling the NFTs linked to its TN clip . In a few days, Booba had sold all of its 25,000 NFTs for around 600,000 euros .

The principle is simple: we buy the artist’s piece with cryptocurrency… but we have to act quickly. Indeed, the 1,000 NFTs of Booba’s second clip entitled CDG are already sold-out, only four days after going on sale, on December 20, 2021. The Duczer announced it via the OKLM Instagram page:

Available for NFT holders

For his second GDC title  , Booba therefore put on the market 1,000 additional cards  which will also give access to  TN , the first title he sold in NFT.

The exclusive 30-second extract , released live from his car on the OKLM account reveals  a track rich in kickage with big flows, all on a dark instrumental … in short, the track promises to be epic for the lucky ones and the adept pirates. crypto!

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