Booba is accused of having plagiarized Damso on his new title “GDC”

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A few days ago, Booba unveiled his new song ”  GDC”, only available in NFT. A second attempt on the cryptocurrency market which ended with great success. But, according to some Internet users on this new track, the Duke would have plagiarized the flow of his former colt Damso. We give you all the details on this case below.

Booba will have copied Damso’s flow

Very active this year, Booba regaled his community with many very effective songs. And to allow his audience to end the year on a high note, he decided to give him a nice Christmas present. A present which is none other than a new tube unveiled since Monday, December 20 .

Called ” GDC “, this opus is available in NFT format. In other words, only NFT card holders could access it. For those who didn’t have one, Kopp had put up 1000 new cards for sale . And as you might expect, it was another success for the Duke of Boulogne. Indeed, within a few days,  all copies were sold . Proud of this result, he wanted to express himself on Twitter. “SOLD OUT !!! The talentless bark… the caravan passes. Happy holidays to all even if the heart is not there !!! Let’s stay focused, ”  he wrote.

From the few extracts unveiled on the web, we can conclude that “GDC” is a real banger. We find the Duke of Boulogne there on a powerful instrumental on which he kicks non stop with a powerful and controlled flow. A beautiful song that the audience will certainly never get tired of.

However, if some validate this new tube of the Duke , other Internet users on the other hand have stepped up to accuse him of plagiarism . According to these, there would be in his flow similarities with that of Damso. On the web, we could read different reactions on the subject: “Thank you damso for the flow”  ; ”  A little I find like aps everything but how he ends these phases is serious, think of damso  “; ”  Your flow Mr. Dems” .

For the time being, neither B20 nor Dems has yet reacted to this controversy. 

Booba x Damso: soon reconciliation?

Formerly very close, Booba  and  Damso  have been at war for several years. A conflict that erupted following Dems’ decision to leave his mentor’s label in order to create his own box. An idea that was not at all appreciated by Kopp. From then on, he never misses any opportunity to clash it in his songs or on the internet.  

Despite these multiple attacks, the author of ”  Lithopédion” does not seem to have any hatred against his former mentor. At no time did he slam him or respond to one of his multiple attacks. He prefers to concentrate on his career and his activities.

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