Booba points the finger at Gims and Ninho for cheating on the streams

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Booba seems to have discovered the main region of origin of the Streams of Gims and Ninho. The bad news is that this is Asia, famous for its stream buying system.

In a French musical universe where competition reigns supreme, all means are good to measure up and claim the best performance. In French rap, apart from silver, gold or platinum certifications, rappers measure themselves because of their assets but especially the number of streams they accumulate. About streams, the debates have recently multiplied especially in the sense of artists who cheat by buying streams.

The eternal match between Rohff and Booba

Passing through the program Le Code by Mehdi Maïzi, Rohff promoted his tenth album Grand Monsieur. He also tackled the artists who resorted to buying streams, explaining that everyone was free to do what they wanted, but that he therefore did not play on an equal footing with them: ”  I don’t care. problem, but just don’t come and compete with me when it’s unfair, that’s all,  ”he said. ”  Cheat as much as you want, but don’t compete with me, because you know I’m not cheating.” […] Stop lying to yourself, you know your numbers are wrong, it’s fake… ” , Roh2f said, specifying that he never used cheating to get out of it. 

Feeling touched, Booba reacted on his Instagram story with a video excerpt from the interview by asking the journalist to get Rohff to prove if he could fill large rooms of references. ”  @Mehdimouse asks him when his Bercy is. And how many snep certificates he has. So much pride in him, he does not want to admit defeat this coward,  ”added Booba in legend.

Booba in Audit and Control mode

Booba tried to see more clearly on the side of Gims and Ninho, the brand new on Booba’s blacklist. The hacker accused his two rappers of cheating by offering the services of companies specializing in the purchase of Streams.

To prove his theory, Booba shared on Twitter and Instagram Tops Singles rankings taken from Apple Music and Deezer, concerning Gims and Ninho which we see leading in Asian regions. 

The latest collaboration between Vitaa and Gims baptized, Take my hand, ranks 3rd in Israel.

As for Ninho, he is also present in this Israeli ranking but above all ranked in the Tops in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

By publishing these rankings, Booba wanted to highlight that this Asian region, known to be the nest of companies to buy streams for artists, is very keen to boost the streams of Gims and Ninho. 

For the moment, neither Gims nor Ninho have responded to the accusation.

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