Boosie Badazz accuses Summer Walker of cheating on ex London on Da Track

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The public relationship between Summer and producer London On Da Track has spilled in all its intensity on social media in both its ups and downs. The couple shared their loving moments on social media encouraging each other, but Summer Walker has made it clear that the love she has for her new partner Pharoh is different. But not everyone understands it that way. 

Marked on each other

The 25-year-old Girls Need Love singer took to Instagram on Monday to reveal that she and her lover, whose real name is Larry, got each other’s name tattoos on their faces. “Bestfriend,” Walker captioned a photo of the couple chatting, showing their new tattoo to his millions of followers. Walker’s “Larry” tattoo is placed near his left eye, just above his cheekbone, while Pharaoh’s “Summer” tattoo sits just above his right eyebrow. 

A relationship not so new as that?

It’s unclear exactly when Walker’s and Pharaoh’s relationship got romantic, as just last month the singer said she was single. However, despite this new relationship which she describes as “new” and “nice”, Pharoh wanted to clarify things to indicate that the relationship is not that new, that he is not a newcomer to the world. the neighborhood: “FYI: I’m not the ‘New boo’ lmao,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “The real ones know that we have been in the life of the other since 2014” . 

The rapper recently posted a collection of photos of himself and Walker hugging and laughing, captioning the cute snaps as “Relationship Advice: Marry Your Best Friend.”

A day before revealing their matching face tattoos, Walker spoke out about his faith in the future.  “The moral of the story is: (if you’ve listened to my album) learn from your mistakes, get back on your feet, heal, find happiness, and most importantly, move on. Funny how life works… I never would have thought that right after living the lowest part of my life, I would be the happiest of all my life. God is good. “

Never failing to add a colorful commentary to a pop culture moment, Boosie Badazz pulled out his calculator and concluded that timelines don’t add up. “He’s been around since 2014” tweeted Boosie “DAM, SHE TROMPAIT @LondonOnDaTrack LOL, LONDON, YOU WIN BRO #BIGW “. 

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