Boosie Badazz drops the truth about his relationship with Lil Nas X

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The tangles between rappers  Boosie Badazz  and  Lil Nas  X on social media are far from a reality in real life. This is what emerges in any case from the passage of the native of Louisiana on  Vlad  TV during an interview mainly based on his relations with Lil Nas X.  

Boosie Badazz, Says Why Lil Nas X Ain’t His Enemy

It’s confirmed, rapper Boosie Badazz doesn’t see Lil Nas X as an enemy. He explained that ”  He has never had a real life confrontation with members of the LGBTQ + community   .” For the rapper, the viral video of a man confronting him over his pop comments, was a staging. It would undoubtedly be obvious then that these controversies on the media contributed to give more visibility to Boosie Badazz.

It should also be noted that the homophobic comments of the rapper with regard to Lil Nax X during these last, designated him as his public enemy. Far from this controversy on social networks, Boosie believes that he is appreciated by everyone in his community. ”  All my gay fans love me, I don’t even know where the other hate is coming from ,” says the rapper.

Boosie Badazz clarified that all of the backlash  he encountered came from online trolls, rather than people in real life. “  I don’t have a problem with gays when I see them. I only really have problems on social media . “He lets it be known, before continuing in these terms” You know, I get death threats. I have been receiving death threats for about 6 months ”.

The rapper explains what happened with his mother

The  trolling between the two rappers    had some repercussions on the relationship between  Boosie  and his mother . Moreover, the rapper thinks he is responsible for his comments without taking into account everyone’s opinion, including that of his mother. “  I am proud to be the person who speaks for people who cannot speak, ” he  says.

Speaking about the relationship with his mother, the rapper was persuasive. ” You know my mom told me  ‘shut up’ .” The other day she said,  ‘Close  your  mouth’ . She called my phone . ”  If in recalls. He says his mother told him on the phone ‘ ‘ Shut up  . Stop talking about all this shit ”. ”  Sit -toi, Mom. I don’t want to hear this. You know, I don’t want to disrespect my mom, but I hung up on her .

While the Lil Nas X-related story looms large in Boosie’s media releases, the rapper made no secret of the fact that it’s getting a bit too much. While waiting to put an end to this trolling in the days to come, the Grammy-nominated rapper is  reconnecting with his audience.

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