Boosie Badazz opens up about Louisiana and its gay killers, denies accusations of homophobia

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A comment Lil Nas X made during his recent visit to the Breakfast Club prompted Boosie Badazz to call the Montero singer a bully . Boosie has long been criticized for his feud with Lil Nas X with homophobic comments. Recently, after the hitmaker took to the internet to tell the 22-year-old to kill himself , Lil Nas X came out on the networks to show his indifference to the comments of his singer counterpart.

Boosie Badazz denies homophobia accusations made against him

Boosie Badazz’s interviews on VladTV continue to captivate the hip-hop world, despite everything that is said about him. Lately he’s been getting a lot of headlines about him because of his comments about Lil Nas X in a recent interview. Following the interview, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana native received backlash for his homophobic remarks and also received support from his fans and friends who defended his comments.

Bounce icon Big Freedia for example came forward to deny that the ” Set It Off ” singer  was homophobic and said he called Lil Nas X “f * ggot” because he was. upset. To back up Freedia’s words, the ”  Wipe Me Down  ” performer stormed the media to tell whoever wanted to hear him that he had no problem with the LGBTQIA + community.

“  You can’t have gay people around you working, running millions of dollars if you hate them, ” Boosie said. “  It doesn’t work that way in real life. You know, in real life. We come from Louisiana where there are gay men everywhere. The killers are gay! They got gay killers, n * gga! It was never a question of homosexuality, it is a question of respect. ” 

“  Louisiana gays have respect for gangsters. We don’t hate gays. Especially not in Louisiana. Man, it’s not like that over there, man… You stay in your place . ” he added. The singer then concluded by thanking Big Freedia for standing up for him and praising his career .

Lil Nas X does not intend to comply with the demands of those who would like him to think of children

During his visit to the Breakfast Club in September, Lil Nas X was asked if he feels the need to tone it down because people keep telling him he has to think about the kids . “  I feel like it used to be, but now it’s just, like, f * ck your kids. ” 

He quickly followed up with an explanation. “  We really only have one chance to do that, at least to my knowledge, ” he said. “  I don’t know how it goes when you die or whatever. So I am not going to bow to the demands of your children or yourself or anyone . “. However, this statement by the 22-year-old singer was not unanimous among his fans who believe that the innocence of children is to be protected.

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