Boosie Badazz releases his Mississippi album this Friday, November 26, 2021

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Boosie Badazz no longer has his foot on the braking system. He is moving forward and trying to go faster than he is doing now. He had planned and announced a double album release for the end of the year. Back to BR and Mississippi should already be available but eventually several events changed the initial schedule. The death of Young Dolph on Wednesday, November 18, 2021 has cooled the entire rap game and forced Boosie Badazz to delay his releases out of pure respect to the illustrious disappeared. 

The mourning did not last long since this Friday, November 26, Boosie released one of the two projects. The first to come out is Mississippi.

One more challenge

This Black Friday Friday is a bit special. Many Internet users are busier to browse the memories left on the web the day before on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Thus, musical releases may not really attract large numbers. This agenda constraint did not prevent the rapper from laying his new album on November 26. And he wasn’t wrong since Cuban shared a screenshot from her phone to show that she was listening to the new album and specifically the track These Niggas Pussy. Boosie didn’t hesitate to tweet his colleague’s screenshot with the comment “ I AM THE MOST REAL  ”. Recall that for Thanksgiving, Boosieleft an invitation on Twitter to play his songs. “  Everyone should play ‘LOVE YO FAMILY’ from me if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, my records are going to play forever,  ” he wrote.

He was also grateful to everyone for the love shown for his records. ”  THANKS TO ALL FOR THE LOVE OF MY 2 CLASSIC ALBUMS ALMOST 40 songs, without skipping  “

All about the Mississippi album

Boosie’s new album consists of 19 tracks with production by Stacks and a guest in OG Dre. 

The album cover is made of a blank sheet with a manuscript where we can read the album title in block letters and also an inscription as prod WHIDSSTACKS. You could also see fancifully writing Special to Me which is nothing but the first title on the record.  

This album is a way for Boosie to prove that even at 39, he can do good. He made this album with a single collaboration with OG Dre. Isn’t that a revelation that the second album project will be purely collaborative? Until we find out, let’s check out the tracklist for the Mississippi album:

1. Special To Me
2. These Niggas Pussy
3. Scared of You
4. Free Game
5. Confessions of a Thug
6. Put That Shit On
7. Liquor N Love
8. Soul Searching
9. What You Gone Do (feat. OG Dre)
10. Self Made
11. How I’m Living
12. Demons
13. Add Up
14. Candy Man
15. Right Now
16. Catch Me
17. I Know Some Soldiers
18. No Warranty
19. Real Halloween

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