Boosie Badazz says he would never admit shooting Megan Thee Stallion [if he was the assailant]

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Boosie Badazz is known for his controversial comments. The artist even recently suggested he would be enrolled in Jackson State University, and even got himself locked out by Deion Sanders for this reason. Today he made another statement that might seem subversive to some.

The long-awaited hip-hop trial begins next week and people continue to speak out about the Megan The Stallion case . The incident happened in July 2020 while Megan was in a vehicle with Tory Lanez , her security guard and Megan’s former best friend Kelsey Nicole. After the shooting, Megan took to Instagram Live to implicitly say that Tory was the person who pulled the trigger, but a lawyer recently said others in the vehicle have claimed Lanez is not responsible. Tory has repeatedly hammered home his innocence and as the trial approaches, the industry is debating its outcome. 

Boosie opened up about the scandal with VladTV 

A recent guest on VladTV, the rapper firmly said that even if he was responsible for such a shooting, he would die. Do you think I’m going to agree to say, ”  I shot Megan Thee Stallion”? F * ck no! You’re crazy, ” he said. “I could have shot him in the back with a million other people watching. ‘I didn’t shoot Megan Thee Stallion.’ Do you think I’m gonna say I shot this beautiful bitch? Shit no, I’m taking this to the grave! It will go to the grave: “I didn’t shoot you, you’re lying.” I’m telling you, if I was that n * gga… shit, he didn’t do anything wrong. “

“I don’t know what happened, but I won’t admit it. I won’t say anything , added Boosie . ”  They will go to trial, I want to see Megan in her costume.” Megan is going out in this costume, her ass all over the place. “

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