Bow Wow invites himself into the 50 Cent / Madonna clash and gets terminated

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It’s no secret: 50 Cent doesn’t really carry Bow Wow in its heart. In question, an episode dating from 2019 where the interpreter of Fresh Azimiz would have stolen tickets left by Fifty in a strip club. And since then, the mogul does not let anything go. So imagine when the same Bow Wow is invited into the clash between Madonna and the ex-boss of the G-Unit …

When Bow Wow holds out the baton

Bow Wow and 50 Cent have experienced some tension in recent years. Accused by Fifty of stealing money from a strip club, the rapper is now part of the long (list) of enemies of the entrepreneur, who recently reminded him.

Liking an article summarizing the clash currently taking place between the interpreter of Get In My Car and Madonna, Bow Wow has triggered the anger of a Fifty always ready to drop a good word. This is what he did on Instagram, taking care to post his friend: ”  I see that Bow Wow is angry , I told everyone that he had taken the money in this strip club. Whatever. Dumbass, this money was for the dancers! “

Except that obviously, Bow Wow appeared in the comments to support Fifty in his approach, which, let us note, boils down to highlighting Madonna’s age, slipping in the wake of the remarks deemed to be both misogynist and ageist: “I have liked it because you clicked it, idiot, if you swipe, you can see your post. “

What if Fifty and Bow Wow made peace? After all, the businessman converted into TV series has reconciled well with French Montana not long ago!


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