Britney Spears’ 40 Best Songs: Part of Billboard’s List

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For Britney Spears’ 40th birthday, Billboard made a selection of his 40 best songs. Remember that this artist revolutionized Pop culture.

Britney Spears: A Pop Icon

In the late 90s, when she was just a kid, Britney Spears became a pop culture icon. Since then, five of the singer’s songs have managed to climb to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 . Also, 13 of his songs made a place in the top 10 of the same ranking. Let us not forget that the interpreter of Baby one More Time has sold more than 34 million albums in the United States.

The 40-year-old Popstar isn’t just one of the century’s greatest artists. It is also one of the most defining cultural touchstones of our time. Indeed, she symbolizes both the innocence of suburban schoolgirls, relentless freedom, resilience and daring sexual confidence.

In honor of the 40 th anniversary of Britney Spears (2 December), Billboard has revisited its extensive catalog of pop classics. In addition, he offered our staff choices for the artist’s top 40 songs .

Britney Spears’ best songs

40 – Break the ice (2007)

Blackout was so cold that it hosted not one, but two songs with “ice” in the title. The best of the two, “Break the Ice,” combines icy synths and otherworldly backing vocals with a relentless, scorching vocal performance from Spears.

39- Don’t Go Knockin on my door (2000)

This Jack’s hit anthem from his second album boasts a resolute Britney voice, a few cleverly placed chorus breaks, and one of his most muscular debut productions.

38- Heaven on Earth (2007)

Four claps of hands, an arpeggiated synth and a pulsating 4/4 rhythm, and off we go instantly in the clouds. “Heaven on Earth” sees Britney mesmerized by the hypnotic pull of the dance floor, embracing the ecstasy with such abandon that she sighs and delights both as she gets to the pre-chorus.

37— Amnesia (2008)

Opening with a vaguely menacing mechanical thud, “Amnesia” divides the difference between mid-2000s dance-rock and Disney-style teen-pop. Appearing as a bonus track on the British and Japanese versions of Circus, “Amnesia” is a wacky reverie with just the right amount of schmaltz (“Damsel in distress”) and oomph.

3— Gimme More (2007)

“Gimme More” justifies a kinetic repositioning of Spears’ sound which, separated from the context of his ongoing personal struggles at the time, rises like a futuristic banger today. In the chaos outside of his music, Spears found a fashion that played with his strengths.

2- Baby one More Time

At the dawn of the new millennium, Britney Spears  debut single “… Baby One More Time” perfected teenage pop popularized by * NSYNC and Backstreet Boys and proved that a girl from rural Louisiana can unleash so much power. star in a clip that all the boys bandaged together. It’s the song that launched a superstar (and a thousand Halloween costumes).

1 — Toxic

I need a shot – baby, give it to me. Hard to remember now, but back then Britney did: Britney’s 2001 album sold well, but not as well as her first two. 

Most of her singles have aired on the radio, and her much-publicized breakup with Justin Timberlake saw her ex-pop star comfortably control the narrative through her song and video “  Cry Me a River  .” Fortunately, the singer had the title Toxic.

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