Brittany Renner versus PJ Washington saga: the battle persists

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The couple separated Brittany Renner and PJ Washington occurred some time after the birth of their child in May. Internet users were inflamed about this, saying that the young woman was interested in the athlete for his financial situation . The two ex-partners have apparently still not found common ground and are waging a thinly veiled battle .

PJ Washington very affected by the situation

Last July, the whole Internet witnessed the obvious suffering of the Charlotte Hornets forward after his break-up with the mother of his child Brittany. The surge on social networks around this affair has finished putting PJ Washington in bad shape.

Moreover, the sportsman claimed that Brittany Renner did not want to let him see her child . For his part, Renner said it was “stepfathers season”. The Internet users are given to their heart and have speculated the amount of child support paid by Washington to the mother of his baby.

Months after the first argument, the young woman was criticized for telling the parents of students at Jackon State University to “hide their sons”. What is certain is that this separation was stormy .

Brittany Renner lets off steam during an interview

While hostilities were at their peak, Brittany appeared on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast and left no stone unturned. However, it was during an interview with DJ Vlad for a juicy exchange on VladTV that the 29-year-old came out bluntly .

The rumors that she would be broke and his confession saying she lives with her mother did not stop to speak openly. On this occasion, she shared an explosive voicemail message she sent to PJ Washington saying, “  I’m going to drag you, bitch!”  ”. This vocal is a response to the enigmatic tweet of her ex who said: “  You were pretending from the start  ”. Many people believe that it was this sentence that started the hostilities between the ex-lovers.

In the voicemail message Brittany Renner sent to her ex PJ Washington, she ordered him to “  delete that fucking tweet  ”. Obviously, the young woman was stung by this post to the point of calling her ex a “  hypocritical psychopathic liar  ”. In the audio message she played to DJ Vlad, she was heard threatening Washington with “spreading this ‘  b * tch and  dragging it  ‘.

Brittany Renner also bruised by the conflict

It is obvious that Brittany also comes out of this tumultuous romance very hurt. Indeed, last week she called Washington her “biggest critic” in a quote tweet from Atlanta rapper Money Man. She also claimed to have a bunch of damning screenshots that would negatively impact him. Meanwhile, Washington has received criticism from his ex after supporters chanted ”  BRITTANY RENNER  ” during the Hornets’ recent game against the Atlanta Hawks. We wonder when this battle will end between the two ex-lovers.

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