Bryson Tiller announces his “A different Christmas” project for Christmas

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The end of this year is already shaping up to be super hot with new albums on the horizon. It is in particular in this logic that Bryson Tiller announces a new project for the celebration of Christmas for the happiness of his fans. As a reminder, Tiller had already caused a sensation by making a huge outing for the celebration of the Halloween party. It must therefore be said that the singer of 28 years has decided to reoffend at the end of the year.

Tiller enjoys his best season

Bryson Tiller is still poised to touch the sensibilities of fans with his first Christmas project titled “  A Different Christmas  ” . According to his words, the project would have been inspired by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande but not only. Concretely, the singer would also have drawn his inspiration from one of his holidays which he had spent being ”  alone in the world” . Moreover, the EP (Extended Play) of his project should be released this Friday, November 19 before the celebration of Thanksgiving.

“Before moving on to my next album, I saw fit to share another special project that I have worked on especially for you,” Bryson wrote on his Twitter account. The young singer from Louisville also shared the artwork of the project. “This one was really fun to do. I was inspired by Bieber, Ariana and most of all by one of my loneliest vacation seasons. I really had fun on this project, I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope you will be delighted to receive it, ”he added.

In addition, Tiller released his  13-track ” Killer Instinct 2: The Nightmare Before ” mixtape  last month in honor of Halloween. The Kentucky-born singer also continues to work on his long-awaited album “  Serenity  ”, a continuation of his previous album “  Anniversary  ” released last year.

Fans react to the news

After Bryson’s announcement on his Twitter account, it didn’t take long for fans’ reactions to be heard. Fans took to social media to share their excitement for Tiller’s new songs . So we could read some comments from delighted fans following the singer’s announcement:  “I think this is the best news I have received on this shit day,  ” and many more. Obviously Bryson fans are overjoyed.

At the same time, the holiday season is already heating up with more new singles on the way. We can cite in particular “Fall in Love for Christmas” by Mariah Carey with Khalid and Kirk Franklin. On top of that we also have “You Deserve It All” by the very talented John Legend which should be out soon. 

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