BTS: With Every New Release, Band Sets Guinness World Record

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The most famous K-Pop group of the moment, BTS continues to grow in stardom. He alone holds 25 of the world records, as do the Bilboard rankings. His fan club actively contributes to his records, and although some may find the record great, the list does not appear to be at an end. Let’s take a look at the group’s charts.

Records more famous than each other

The Guinness Book of Records doesn’t seem to hold any secrets from the Boys of BTS anymore. Just recently, Member V did a double feat . He was not only the fastest to reach both 1 million and 10 million followers on Instagram when he launched his individual account on December 6. Below are some of BTS’s most famous records.

BTS Were First K-Pop Group To Reach # 1 On Bilboard 200 With Love Yourself: Tear

In just one week, the group’s third studio album released on May 18, 2018 was hoisted to number one on the Bilboard 200. The world’s first music record made such a record. The opus Love Yourself has become since 2006, the first album sung in a foreign language and having made the first place in Bilboard 200. This same project obtains the record of best selling of all time for a group of K-Pop .

 In addition, with this album, BTS will finish first K-Pop group at the top of the Bilboard Artist 100 chart.

With “Fake love”, BTS made the top 10 of the Bilboard Hot 100

The first single from the third album is called ” Fake Love ”. With the track, started in 10 th place of the Billboard 100 Ho 2 June 2018, the group will be placed first group of K-Pop to the top 10 ranking. This is the first for a K-pop artist since Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ which debuted in 12 th place. Before this record, the group was in 28th place in the hot 10 ranking on December 16, 2017 with “’Designer”’.

The record for the first group in the history of social 50 and the most number of week-long streaks on the Billboard

BTS Group has the most weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Social 50. Indeed, he has entered since July 29, 2017 and has not yet left. As a reminder, Social 50 has been in existence for 10 years and the ambassadors have held the lead for more than 200 weeks in a row.

In addition, BTS broke the record for most weeks for a K-pop group on the Billboard Hot 100. This is a record previously held by the group. Psy for Gangnam Style . It is indeed with the single “’Dynamite”’ released in 2020 that the group will spend 32 weeks at the top of the Bilboard Hot 100 chart until April 2021. It should also be noted that the Boys band spent three weeks at position one.

In addition, BTS also broke the record for most weeks at the top of the Bilboard digital singles chart. Above all, “’Butter, another similar-tempered single to’ ‘Dynamite’” recently spent 18 weeks at # 1 on the digital singles chart. The group even supplanted Taylor Swift in his accumulation of the number of weeks he maintains the first place.

Cumulative records on Spotify

BTS tops the list in the Most Listened Group category on the Spotify music platform. It is also ranked as the most listened to group of all time by the Guinness Book of Records with over 16.3 billion streams.

Still on the same platform, he came out with the record for the most streamed track in 24 with the single Butter. The track will be streamed shortly after its release by BTS’s ARMY (i.e. its fan club) 20.9 million times on Spotify. A record made in just 24 hours. Record recently broken by Adele with 24 million streams in 24 hours.

A series of records on different social networks

The BTS group is making waves on many social networks. On Twitter for example, the guys had the most commitments a group could have. This earned them a place in the Guinness Book of Records, thanks to his Army.

How to hide a dynamic network like Tik Tok? It’s with “’Boy with Luv”’ featuring with Halsey, it’s the single with which BTS appeared on the social network on December 25, 2019. In just three hours and 31 minutes of live, the group obtains a record of 1 million followers.

Likewise, on YouTube, BTS makes the most viewers for a first music video. Before Butter even went live, 3.9 million viewers were already waiting. In addition, the group also broke the record for the most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours by a K-pop group. In 24 hours, the clip “’Butter”’ was viewed 108,200,000 times. A record already obtained with the clip “’Dynamite”’ in 2020.

BTS holds the record for the most followed group on Instagram. In April 2021, the group had 40,220,226 followers on Instagram. Which earned them the title of the most followed group. In December 2021, the number had risen to 57 million.

Highest Earnings Record in K-Pop

In 2020, K-Pop music group BTS earned an estimate from Forbes magazine at $ 50 million. To this figure were added the 170 million dollars brought back by the tour that the group organized. An estimate that will place the BTS group in 47 th place on the list of the highest paid celebrities of the year.

In general, the list of BTS records is still long and seeing the trend, the adventure seems only to begin.

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