C-Murder makes a declaration of love to Monica

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The prison gates haven’t separated Monica and C-Murder who still seems to love each other. The expression of their love is palpable when we analyze their actions.

It seems that the fire of love between Monica and C-Murder has not been extinguished although the time that has elapsed between their love affair and this day is enormous. The two celebrities have not stopped throwing flowers and supporting each other. Monica is fighting to free C-Murder from prison due to his August 14, 2009, life sentence by a popular jury in New Orleans. He was accused of having shot and killed a 16-year-old teenager in a nightclub. And when it’s not Monica leading this fight, it’s  C-Murder which uses its social networks to promote the musical works of Monica.

New energy for C-Murder

Recently, Monica changed her way of supporting Master P’s brother by getting the audience at one of his concerts to shout “Free C-Murder”. After those screams, she then sang her classic hit hit “For You I Will”, and in the lyrics she said Murder’s name, letting everyone know the song was for him. Something to make C-Murder’s heart tremble.

C-Murder’s uplifting lyrics

This act of Monica had an echo in the heart of C-Murder who did not fail to recall his first sensations with Monica.
He shared the clip of Monica’s performance in her honor before adding a caption that suggests a love that has stood the test of time and could bring them together again if it hasn’t already. “ My baby made a kilt at the show. She strapped that outfit on a… #TRUqueen we knew from day one that was true love, ”began to write C-Murder very attached to the story. He continued with a conclusion that is akin to a declaration of love. “ No opinion changes a fact and we have history to prove it. If you know me, you know what I think about her.  “
It is possible that they will get back together since since their separation, Monica has rebuilt her life by getting married, being the mother of the children of NBA star Shannon Brown from whom she separated by divorce.

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