Cardi B and Karrueche pay tribute to essential workers in Cardi Tries

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Cardi B and Karrueche share their experiences as essential workers with us.

They are today at the top of their game and raise a lot of money. They are role models, but in the past they both did odd jobs to support themselves. In Cardi Tries, Offset’s wife mulled over part of her teenage years.

Cardi B and Karrueche Tran in the shoes of supermarket workers

For this new episode, Cardi B has teamed up with Messenger and Instagram. This partnership allows fans to watch the new episode on Watch Together via Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Watch , which allows users to watch music videos, TV shows, movies and more with their friends and family while making video calls. In this episode, Cardi B and Karrueche, an actress and model, put on their essential worker costumes from their teenage years.

In the episode, the rapper and Daytime Emmy Award winner work in a supermarket and assist store employees. The superstar pair fill shelves, cut up meat and pack groceries.

Apart from these tasks, the duo also tried their hand at other divisions of the supermarket. Cardi B and Karrueche are responsible for cutting watermelons and storing apples.

The experience of the dismissal still in the head

To show the pain but also the risk of losing everything in an instant due to the precariousness of this job, the two stars while carrying out the tasks recount their experiences of dismissal. Cardi B makes the case by explaining that she was an agent in a grocery store. As for Karrueche Tran, she recounted her experience with a Mrs Fields store. In the previous episode, Cardi was located in the kitchen. She had prepared a Thanksgiving feast with Ciara . 

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