Cardi B and Offset Document Glory Days to Remind Children They Were “Shit”

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Cardi B and Offset document how much of the spotlight they are, in case their kids ever doubt it as they get older.

There comes a time in life when every parent needs to come to terms with the fact that their glory days are over. Cardi B and Offset have made sure they have video and photo evidence to show their kids that they’ve reached the top as soon as that moment comes.

Cardi B and Offset looked fabulous at Playboy Party this weekend. It was the perfect time to celebrate Cardi’s role as the new Creative Director at Playboy . As images appeared on the internet, Cardi decided to capture footage of herself and Offset in “Fresh” mode.

She explained that she wanted to make sure there was evidence that she and her husband were ”  shit  “. These images are proof in case their two children have doubts that they are “cool”.

Cardi B speaks directly to her children 

“  We’re enlightened parents  ,” Cardi said as Offset adjusted her chain. ”  Like, we have to make videos like this because, you know, when our kids grow up and try to act like we’re not that …” she continued before Offset stepped in. , saying: “  We were on tour . “

“  Yeah, that was the turn. Fuck you out of here,  ”she continued before speaking directly to their children. ”  Yeah, mom and dad were shit  .” It will be difficult for the two children to doubt the “freshness” of their parents given all the jewelry they are adorned with.

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