Cardi B and Offset have fun at Playboy party in Miami

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Days after the legendary adult content producer announced he was leading a project to build a new, creator-led platform called Centerfold. Cardi B made her first appearance as Playboy’s Creative Director on Friday night.

Last week, Playboy announced that Cardi would be the brand’s first Creative Director.

The brand said, “  In her new role as Playboy’s first-ever Creative Director-in-Residence, Cardi will provide artistic direction through co-branded fashion and sexual wellness merchandise collections, the digital editorial, experiential activations and more. Additionally, Cardi B will be the founding Creative Director and a founding member of Playboy’s upcoming creator-led platform, CENTERFOLD. “

“  As far back as I can remember, I have felt connected to Playboy. It truly is the original platform for uncensored creativity and I am inspired by its incredible legacy of fighting for individual freedoms, ” Cardi said in a press release, according to the NY Post. “I already have so many ideas – I can’t wait! “.

For her first appearance as Creative Director of Playboy at the brand’s party at Art Basel in Miami, Cardi B wore a Prada mini dress. In a video clip uploaded by The Neighborhood, Offset can be seen pouring whipped cream into Cardi’s mouth in a crowded room, as she wears a Prada mini dress and a diamond pendant featuring a Playboy bunny. Much like Megan Thee Stallion, Offset wants to see people ‘  drive this boat’.  The party was held in honor of Playboy’s new brand, Big Bunny.

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