Cardi B and Offset once again settled in a healthy relationship

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After many years of disastrous relationship, artist Cardi B and Offset have returned to harmony. On a show on Friday, November 19, 2021 , Cardi B spoke about this wonderful episode in their married life.

Cardi B and Offset: Finally the beautiful moon !!

Guest on  Daily Pop by E! News , Cardi B discussed the agreement that reigns with Offset. Indeed, the couple has been giving off good vibes lately, as evidenced by the absence of arguments for a long time. 

“  We went through some difficulties. You have to get to know yourself better. I feel like I have never been happier… I feel like, not just with marriage, but with family and unity, the friendship that we have. The “I cover you and you cover me”. It has never been so strong . “Hinted Cardi B.

This calming climate comes after the birth of the couple’s second child in early September . Many observers have seen that 2021 would have been a very successful year for the couple.

In fact, the story goes that during this same period, last year,  Cardi B quashed the divorce she had requested from Offset in September 202 0. The allegations mentioned a lack of confidence. of the rapper to her husband. Fortunately, by force of circumstance, the two stayed together.

As a reminder, married in September 2017,  Cardi  B and Offset are about to close four years of difficult times characterized by scandals of deception, divorces and breakups.

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