Cardi B attacks Kim Potter after Daunte Wright’s conviction for manslaughter

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The tension is hot on Twitter. American rapper Cardi B is on fire against Kim Potter, the police officer responsible for the murder of Daunte Wright , the African-American driver who was shot dead last April. It is precisely a recent passport photo on which the culprit exhibited a broad smile that put the star in a ball.

Kim Potter convicted of manslaughter

Officer Kim Potter, 49, has always claimed to have believed she drew her electric Taser gun when she actually pulled out her service weapon and shot Daunte Wright, 20, who was resisting her arrest at Brooklyn Center in the United States. northern United States. It was April in the suburbs of Minneapolis. This week Potter was convicted of first and second degree manslaughter and faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Cardi B unconvinced by the tears shed by the officer in his defense

The number of Twitter subscribers who have expressed their dissatisfaction about the murder of Daunte Wright now has the star Cardi B . She doesn’t seem convinced of the tears shed by the officer at his trial to prove that she didn’t intentionally shoot the 20-year-old driver. The rapper has indeed shared a screenshot showing Potter’s most recent forensic photo, where the former officer is seen smiling broadly at the camera.

“Funny how her screams seem so fake, but her smile is so genuine #itwasneveramistake,” Cardi tweeted. A fan reacts immediately, saying he didn’t understand why Potter was smiling. And to Cardi to retort: “She smiles because she was only convicted of manslaughter and also because now she no longer needs to pretend and she can live in her truth … Her truth, it’s “yes, I killed him and what?” “. “It’s the truth she wanted to tell, but she had to act like she was sorry.” “

However, although both are satisfied that justice has been served, some seem surprised at the number of years Mrs. Potter will have to spend behind bars.

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