Cardi B Confronts Miami Club Safety: ‘Let Black Women In Here’

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Prior to joining Miami’s most popular Strip Club, Cardi took a stand to stand up for black women. The 29-year-old star spoke about the blatant racism faced by his peers.

Cardi B was spotted talking to security at Miami’s E11EVEN club

While spending time in Florida for Miami Art Week , Cardi B was taped by fans. The young rapper was defending a group of black women who had been refused entry to the E11EVEN club .

As Cardi approached the entrance to the club, a woman filming a video of herself was shouting with all her might, ”  They don’t even let the sisters in tonight, girl, they don’t even let the sisters in.  “. In the process, a security guard rushed towards the star, trying to protect her from the fans who were talking to her.

However, he couldn’t stop the group from explaining to the celebrity that they had allowed white women to enter. Anyone could enter except them. Cardi B then spoke up boldly insisting that security must ”  let black women in  “.

Offset’s mate has spoken numerous times and loud enough to be heard ” Let black women in here … security, let them in  “.

Cardi B celebrates her new major role at Playboy

A post shared with @balleralert on Instagram explains, “  We heard the bouncer tell Cardi they were going to let them in, but they didn’t after Cardi entered the club. The women wanted to buy a table and could afford it. They still don’t know why they were refused ”. On the other hand, Complex reports that E11EVEN has yet to speak out following allegations that he was denying black women entry.

In addition, it should be remembered that Cardi B was in great demand at the end of this year 2021. She is celebrating her new role as Creative Director at Playboy as well as the purchase of her new home in New Jersey. “ It’s a dream come true to officially join the  Playboy  family. I can’t believe it’s real, ”the rapper said in a statement. “ As far back as I can remember, I have felt connected to  Playboy . It truly is the original platform for uncensored creativity and I am inspired by its incredible legacy of fighting for personal freedoms. I already have so many ideas, I can’t wait! “

What do you think of Cardi B’s take on the inequality black women face in this Strip Club? Leave us your opinions in the comments.

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