Cardi B congratulates Megan Thee Stallion on graduating from college

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Megan eventually graduated from college in health administration. She announced on social networks that she wanted to continue her studies to make proud the two women who have marked her life.

Cardi B congratulated Megan Thee Stallion on graduating from college on Tweeter

We can say that everything smiles on Megan Thee Stallion these last days. The 26-year-old rapper celebrated the 1 st anniversary of her romantic relationship with Pardison Fontaine . ”  A year of fun with you  ” she said on Instagram captioning photos of her and the man who shares her life.

It’s not all about that though. Megan’s life is academically good as well, having just graduated from college in health administration. This Weekend on Twitter, Cardi B celebrated the young counterpart’s college graduation ceremony .

“Congratulations @theestallion for all your hard work !!! Cardi B. tweeted. ”  I know your parents are super proud of you  .”

Megan continued her education to make her late grandmother proud of her

In an Instagram post, Megan claims to have completed her studies: “  Meg Thee Graduate, I know my parents are looking at me and are so proud. Thank you all for all the love today  ”.

She explained that she continued her studies to make her late mother proud of her. ”  e want to graduate because I really want my mother to be proud  ,” she said in an interview with People .

“ I want my grandma to be proud. She saw me go to school before I died. My grandmother was a teacher when I was about to finish school. I do it for myself, but I also do it for the women in my family who made me who I am today.  “

For information, the rapper aims to open her clinic in Houston very soon.

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