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It had been many months since Cardi B had released any solo title. We must therefore go back to February to find the trace of a solo release, Up . A new mother since September, the rapper finally seems ready to sign her return to the music scene.

Waiting for a new album

Even though Cardi had taken the time to appear featuring on a handful of titles in recent months – including Lizzo’s Rumors – she was not particularly productive on a strictly musical level in 2021. It must be said that her pregnancy did not help, she who is now the mother of a second child since September. But now, her comeback now seems to be over, and the rapper is releasing today the new Bet It , taken from the soundtrack of the feature film Bruised , produced by Halle Berry. The song in question almost went by the wayside, as Berry had mentioned:  We had some problems with this song, we had to sort out some sample rights issues. [Cardi] did the right thing and made sure we got the usage rights. I can honestly say that not everyone would have done what she did. […] You said you were going to do it, and you kept your word  . The same Cardi B should logically offer her fanbase a second album, supposed to take over from Invasion of Privacy , released in 2018.

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