Cardi B, George Clooney and Will Ferrell give special cachet to “Last Week Tonight” 2021, the last of John Oliver

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The last episode of the 2021 season of John Oliver’s satirical show has made its comeback. For the occasion, the British comedian called on many celebrities in order to end the year in apotheosis. These include American rapper Cardi-B, regular guest George Clooney this season, Leslie Jones, Jennifer Coolidge, Will Ferrell and many more.

Last Week Tonight: John Olivier talks about the filming conditions of the “delicate year”

Very happy to reconnect with the public, John Olivier summarized in a few words the 2021 adventure that he describes as a “delicate year” . According to him, his return to the studio in September was not easy due to the restrictive context of COVID. ” It’s really a strange year, and despite my return to the studio, I still haven’t seen most of my collaborators since March 2020 “, laments Olivier. Despite this very restrictive period, the comedian gives a very positive review of certain highlights of his past show. “ But we still managed to have fun,” he says. He gives a special mention to Clooney that popped up whenever he snapped his fingers.

Cardi B gives her opinion on the short film “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

Present on John Olivier’s Last Week Tonight show, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, alias Cardi B reacted to the short film “ All Too Well ” by singer Taylor Swift. Indeed, appeared confused after Rupaul’s words,  Cardi B validated this short film without hesitation . Note that the American rapper assured during the show, which charmed the public

Ferrell, Clooney, Leslie, Coolidge also did the job

Aside from  Cardi B, whose presence was appreciated for this Last Week Tonight end of season prom , audiences saw a very pleasant Will Ferrell who thinks Clooney gives power to anyone on the fly. ” Last week I was summoned by a guy who sold Clooney a packet of Trident,  ” Will expresses .

For his part,   Leslie Jones tried unsuccessfully to get rid of Oliver, ”  The white man doesn’t want to go, the white man doesn’t want to go!” She exclaims.

For his part, Clooney was keen to cheer John Olivier up a bit with a few words of wisdom. “  Just because this year didn’t turn out the way you thought it didn’t, that shamelessly bringing in celebrities to the Finals won’t cheer you up because – say it with me – ‘the celebrities make everything better except in the many situations where they don’t,  ”they said together.

At the end of this exchange, Olivier slowly regains his morale. “  I feel at least 20% better, ” says the comedian. As a reminder, John Olivier’s satirical program takes an irreverent and humorous look at political and social news in the United States.

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