Cardi B opens up about her failed collaboration with the BTS group

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Cardi B is arguably one of the most sought-after stars in the hip-hop industry. The 29-year-old rapper was able to quickly establish herself in the game in a pretty impressive way. Interviewed by Variety magazine, Cardi touched on several interesting topics, including her failed collaboration with the BTS group.

A missed collaboration between Cardi B and BTS

Cardi B has revealed that she is supposed to release an album with famous South Korean group BTS. Unfortunately, this is a collaboration that never came to fruition. However, when asked if a possible collaboration between the two artists could still happen, Cardi B gave an open answer.

Clearly, the rapper from New York responded to Variety by saying, “I was supposed to be on a record with them, but I had just released a record and it was going to explode over time,” she explained. . “But frankly, BTS, I love them very much,” she added.

Afterwards, the ” Invasion of Privacy  ” singer  added, stating that Offset’s daughter, Kulture, was also a huge fan of the group. “I like BTS a lot, but let me tell you something,” she said. “My daughter Kulture likes BTS a lot too, I even think she likes them a little more than me, laugh. Most of the time she says to me, Mum, Mum, please play the song. When she says that, I already know what she’s talking about. So I throw the music on him and get all exhilarated ”.

Cardi fulfilled as a couple and musically at the top

As a reminder, Cardi B and Offset have had an intermittent relationship for several years. But, Cardi recently told E! News on the Daily Pop show that their love had “never been so strong” At the same time, she was invited to present the American Music Awards 2021 , which took place last night.

 For the occasion, the 29-year-old rapper says she’s just going to freestyle to give the event a more authentic feel. I’m just going to be myself. That’s it, she also told Variety.

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