Cardi B receives compliments from Project Pat

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Fans of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are continually trying to create a battle between the two successful rappers. During this time, the interpreter of “  Money  ” accumulates the kind attentions and the compliments of other stars. After the famous actor of the Netflix series “YOU” and Halle Berry who calls her the ”  Queen of Hip Hop” , it’s Project Pat’s turn to praise Bardi.

Project Pat’s rave review

In a recent interview with VladTV, Project Pat was asked whether Cardi sampled her song “  Chickenhead  ” from her  hit  ” Bickenhead “. Pat claimed that he knew about the sample, and that he liked what Cardi B was doing with her music.

The 48-year-old rapper undisturbed by this’ inspiration ‘said: ‘ It was a very good thing, a very good look. Applaud her man. I was a Cardi B fan when she was on Instagram talking crazy (…). I loved it, we love it ”.

It’s not every day that contemporary artists receive real ecstatic comments from hip-hop legends. Plus, it’s clear that Cardi has understood how special respecting Project Pat is.

Cardi B’s cheerful reaction

When Offset’s wife heard of Project’s glowing remarks about her, she unexpectedly reacted positively with a resounding tweet . The tweet which quoted a clip from the rapper’s interview on VladTV was accompanied by this little caption: “  OMMGGGG IM IN AWWWWWW Thank you so much @ProjectPatHcp  ”.

It must be recognized that Cardi fully deserves this honor from the singer to whom she earns money . Yep, indeed, Pat admitted that he was making money with “  Bickenhead  ”.

What’s more, he also admitted to gaining nearly 20,000 additional Instagram followers through the song. It makes sense then that he went out of his way to greet Cardi B, right?

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