Cardi B, the queen of Hip Hop according to Halle Berry

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For Halle Berry, Cardi B is “  the queen of Hip Hop  ”! The famous actress who is currently working on her new film “Bruised” has decided to entrust the soundtrack of said film to the rapper from the Bronx. “  I called on Cardi B because she is the queen of Hip Hop,  ” she said last Saturday at the premiere of her film.

 24 hours after this declaration, the model Winnie Harlow who presented the ceremony of the  MTV’s 2021 Europe Music Awards saw fit to remind that Nicki Minaj is the one and only queen of Hip Hop  ”. Does this claim come in response to Halle Berry’s previous comment  ? Either way, both statements raised some virtual tension between fans of the two rappers. 

Following this, Cardi then decided to refocus things via a tweet. “  I know how some of you like to take your head with this kind of kidding, but don’t go after Halle Berry … Anyway, her self-directed film Bruised will be available on November 24 on Netflix. Together we produced the first female rap soundtrack for a movie! », She explains.

“Bruised” is Halle Berry’s first feature film. It will be available on Netflix from November 24th. The official trailer for the film was unveiled last month and the film was even present at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival . The film tells us the story of a former MMA fighter who fell out of favor and faced new challenges. 

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