Cardi B to share herpes / STD test results with judge in Tasha K lawsuit

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In 2019, Tasha K made drug addiction and STD allegations against Cardi B. The latter having filed a defamation complaint, the case is now seeing a new follow-up.

New twists

For years now, Tasha K has been opposed to Cardi B in STD history. Towards the end of November, we reported that the Bodak Yellow interpreter had been ordered to share his medical file with a judge. As a reminder, Cardi filed a defamation complaint against YouTube blogger Latasha Kebe, also known as Tasha K.

Now, according to AllHipHop, the New York rapper has been confirmed to be negative for both herpes and STDs. “’My client does not have STDs and herpes. Two of the defamatory statements at issue are vile, false and very offensive. We provided these tests 14 months ago to support my client’s claims,  ” Cardi B’s lawyer said before the results.

Tasha K’s lawyer, meanwhile, also made a statement, “  We have no comment on the order relating to the complainant’s medical records, in particular. We are continuing to prepare for the jury trial. Ms. Kebe looks forward to this matter finally being resolved.  ”

After reviewing the documents provided by the Center For Women’s Pelvic Health at UCLA, the judge in charge of the case ruled: ”  The court received and reviewed the files and then concludes that they are not useful to the defendant.  ” ‘. They also ordered that the trial files be sealed until the trial begins on January 5, 2022.

Case reminder

Tasha K first claimed that Cardi B had herpes and STDs. She went on to say that the rapper was once a prostitute and used hard drugs like cocaine. At the time, the host of Cardi Tries did not hesitate to declare that these rumors had damaged her reputation noting that they were   “outright lies”.

A counter-action filed by Tasha claims that Cardi B asked her fans to harass her on social media. AllHipHop reported on this matter that a judge dismissed the allegations because the YouTuber did not have any evidence to back them up.

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