Carl Crawford from 1501 congratulates Megan Stallion on her graduation and her deal with Netflix

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Megan receives several words of encouragement and congratulations, but Carl Crawford’s is a bit surprising. He hides many other intentions when we know the legal standoff that exists between Megan and Carl.

Megan Thee Stallion is starting to experience a fairytale end to the year. Artistically speaking, far from the cancellations of her shows, she signed a deal with Netflix to produce a new series. Academically, the Houston native has managed to honor her late mother Holly Thomas without forgetting her late grandmother. Indeed, the artist received his Bachelor of Science in Health Administration from the famous HBCU Texas Southern University.

These moments of celebration are important to live and the immediate entourage often takes the opportunity to give more energy to the recipient. And for this circumstance, a former ally who has become embarrassing tries to take advantage of it to get closer

Carl Crawford congratulating Megan

Carl Crawford, four-time Major League Baseball star and influential image of 1501 praised Megan during his stint on the Bally Sports Network where he had an interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson this week. “Everything is cool, you know what I mean  “.

He has shaken up the past a little by showing that he regrets disputes. ”  If we all got along again. Things are always gone when – and we still don’t have a real reason why things are gone. Everything is cool with her; like i said, we wish him the best and we’re just going to keep pushing our business to 1501 ”.

This message of encouragement from Carl is of course aimed at improving the relationship between the artist and his first label. Carl himself said he wanted things to improve and the dispute to be in the past. “  We’re still in court right now. We always go to court for things and I guess once it’s over we don’t stand a chance but, I hope the quick cases are over and we can start moving forward with your life because we are stuck in this little place.

What dispute is this?

In 2018, Megan was signed   to Carl’s independent 1501 Certified Entertainment label . With Brandon, Carl even recalled the circumstances of Megan’s signing. “  We met because a guy who worked with me at the time knew his manager, ” Crawford told Scoop B. “And we reached out to him and presented our stuff to him that way and have it. brought back to the studio with her and the rest is history! 

Only that the following year, Megan entrusted the management of his career to Roc Nation who alerted him to the irregularities of his contract with Carl’s 1501 Certified Entertainment. Megan therefore initiated a legal standoff in order to obtain all the rights to her song Suga. Carl’s Counterattack and 1501 spoke of a violation of the original agreement which is seen as a deprivation of all of Megan’s income from her works. The deal is deemed by Megan to be inadmissible and ridiculous, especially since the lawyer who represented Megan during the signing and negotiations was appointed by Carl himself. 

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